Episode 1 - A Heartfelt Conversation on Homelessness and Change in Vernon BC

Organization's mission and impact (0:02)
Homelessness services in the Okanagan (1:04)
Homelessness services and evaluation in Vernon (3:37)
Homelessness in a small town with stories and insights (8:49)
Affordable housing and support services for individuals (13:50)
Homelessness and support services (19:05)
Addiction services and storytelling strategies (21:54)
Addressing homelessness and advocating for policy change (34:05)
Homelessness and support for those in need (39:44)

Get ready for a candid chat on this episode with my guest Laurie Case, the Executive Director of Communications of Turning Points Collaborative Society in Vernon BC. We'll dive deep into the mission and impact of this nonprofit organization, unpacking their efforts to combat homelessness in the Okanagan Valley.

Laurie sheds light on the unique challenges of providing homelessness services, especially in the tight-knit community of Vernon, BC. With personal stories and insights, she gives us a real feel for the struggles faced in small-city settings.

We'll also tackle the crucial topics of outreach, affordable housing and support services, exploring how these play a pivotal role in turning the tide for individuals experiencing difficult situations. Laurie passionately shares her take on the multifaceted nature of homelessness stereotypes and why support services providers are the unsung heroes.

Laurie provides insight on the need for more addiction services and the storytelling strategies they're using to spread awareness. Laurie will also share with us her personal journey, from career moves to making a home in Vernon and her commitment to social change.

The conversation wraps up with a look at the bigger picture – addressing these social issues on a broader scale and advocating for policy change that leaves us with a powerful reminder of the importance of support for those in need.

Tune in for an authentic and enlightening conversation on the challenges of homelessness, the impactful work of Turning Points Collaborative Society, and how each of us can contribute to positive change.

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Creators and Guests

Heath Fletcher
Heath Fletcher
Co-founder, CMO & Producer at Sproing Creative
Laurie Case
Laurie Case
Laurie Case is the Executive Director of Communications with Turning Points Collaborative Society. You may have heard of this organization but in case you haven't, Turning Points Collaborative Society provides outreach, shelter services and various housing options for vulnerable people experiencing, or at risk of experiencing, homelessness in the Okanagan. Laurie brings 30 years of experience to Turning Points from a variety of roles in film, television, and corporate communications. Laurie spent many years producing content in Vancouver’s very busy production market, creating television series and documentaries for CBC, CTV, Corus, Netflix and more. Laurie’s experience in creative industries in the for-profit sector has given her a unique perspective, valuable insight, and a distinct voice. In 2021, Laurie moved “back home” to the Okanagan after 30 years. She is thrilled to have found an avenue to put her skills to work in an important way and I was lucky enough to meet Laurie early on in her return to the area and even more fortunate to have been able to work alongside her to produce a video for Turning Points Collaborative.
Episode 1 - A Heartfelt Conversation on Homelessness and Change in Vernon BC
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