Hey there, I'm Heath Fletcher, and I've been a part of the vibrant Vernon community for 18 incredible years. When I first arrived, I started working as a photographer and graphic designer. As I became acquainted with the local business landscape, I discovered something truly special – there is a deep-rooted commitment to supporting the local non-profits.

Wanting to contribute, I began offering my services to photograph fundraising events, ranging from spirited 10k runs to spectacular dance competitions. My aim was simple: to assist these organizations in boosting their visibility and brand recognition by providing them with captivating imagery they could utilize to promote their causes year after year.

As my business flourished and I transitioned from a solo freelancer to co-founding a marketing agency, I made sure to weave this philanthropic commitment into the very fabric of our company. I am proud to say that we have proudly donated upwards of $25,000 annually to local non-profit initiatives through a range of marketing initiatives over the past 13 years.

Then, the unforeseen arrival of COVID-19 turned everything upside down. Our local non-profits had to swiftly adapt their fundraising strategies, showcasing incredible resilience in the face of adversity. It was during this time of reflection that the idea for a podcast took shape in my mind.

I envisioned a platform where I could bring together the remarkable individuals I've had the pleasure of meeting and collaborating with over the years. I wanted to amplify the voices of our social justice champions, environmental advocates, entrepreneurs, and educators – sharing the remarkable efforts they're undertaking to not only better Vernon but also contribute positively to the global community.

Our new podcast, "Many Brains. One Heart." is a fusion of inspiration, motivation, and entertainment. Whether you're a student, a seasoned professional, or enjoying retirement, if you're passionate about making a meaningful impact in the world, then this show is tailor-made for you. We're all about fostering positivity, embracing teamwork, and injecting a dose of fun into everything we do. I sincerely hope you'll join us on this exciting journey!

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Show Host: Heath Fletcher
Heath is the creator and host of Many Brains. One Heart. Heath is an ideas guy: the big thinker, the one with a visionary eye and the absolute believer that if you can think it, you can create it! This is the guy you call when you need a creative solution to your problem, some people have even called him the Director of Possibilities. Heath brings over 30 years of experience in marketing, photography, design and film making and is the Founder and CMO at Sproing Creative. Whatever hat he's wearing, there's one thing in common - he pours his tireless energy, optimism and creativity into every project. Plus, you can always bet on a few laughs. After hours, Heath is a proud Dad of two boys, a devoted husband and an all-around family guy and has been a passionate contributor to the Vernon community since 2005.
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