Episode 4 - Uniting Communities: A Dive into Local Philanthropy in Vernon BC

Uniting Communities: A Dive into Local Philanthropy with Leanne Hammond in Vernon BC

Nonprofit work and community impact with Leanne Hammond. (0:02)
Local community foundation's role in fundraising and grant making. (0:52)
Local charity work and fundraising strategies. (4:36)
Charitable sector collaboration and Community Foundation's role. (8:31)
Philanthropy, COVID, and social change. (15:16)
Community foundation's role in connecting donors with local charities. (19:49)
Charity communication and funding strategies. (24:19)
Nonprofit work, fundraising, and personal inspiration. (30:39)
Fundraising strategies and personal interests. (37:00)

In this episode of Many Brains. One Heart, listeners are treated to an engaging discussion with Leanne Hammond from the Community Foundation of the North Okanagan. Leanne provides a deep dive into the world of nonprofit work, shedding light on the foundation's pivotal role in driving community impact.

Delving into the foundation's rich history, Leanne traces its origins back to 1975, highlighting its evolution into a key player in fundraising and grant making within the Okanagan Valley. With a focus on investing donations to make meaningful grants for local causes, the foundation's commitment to community betterment shines through.

Leanne underscores the importance of collaboration in the charitable sector, sharing insights into the foundation's strategic partnerships with organizations like the United Way. Against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, Leanne explores the shifting landscape of philanthropy, emphasizing the foundation's adaptive approach to meet evolving community needs.

Central to the discussion is the foundation's crucial role in connecting donors with local charities, providing guidance on directing contributions to address pressing issues and foster positive change. Leanne's personal journey from nonprofit program manager to fundraising professional adds a personal touch to the conversation, highlighting her passion for driving impactful initiatives.

Beyond her professional endeavours, Leanne offers glimpses into her personal interests, from savouring culinary delights at ethnic restaurants to enjoying outdoor adventures with loved ones. Throughout the conversation, Leanne's unwavering dedication to community betterment and the foundation's mission shines through, inspiring listeners to join in the journey of making a difference.

Join us as we explore the dynamic world of nonprofit work and community engagement with Leanne Hammond at the helm.

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Heath Fletcher
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Leanne Hammond
Leanne Hammond
Executive Director of Community Foundation North Okanagan
Episode 4 - Uniting Communities: A Dive into Local Philanthropy in Vernon BC
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