Episode 2 - Exploring Art, Community, and Culture in Vernon, BC

Leadership and community engagement. (0:02)
Art galleries, community outreach, and business connections. (4:59)
Public art galleries' role and exhibitions. (8:54)
Funding and location for a new art gallery in Vernon (13:42)
Community engagement and arts advocacy in a small town. (17:53)
Mental health art project - "Behind the Mask". (23:00)
Art, mental health, and community engagement. (27:38)
Art gallery accessibility and community engagement. (33:28)
Art event planning and fundraising in Vernon, BC. (39:24)
Pop-up gallery and new facility design. (45:07)
Arts and culture as a vital part of a healthy community. (53:04)

Join us for an enlightening episode as we explore the dynamic world of art, community, and culture. I'll be in conversation with my guest Dauna Kennedy, the Executive Director of the Vernon Public Art Gallery, delving into her impactful leadership and the organization's crucial contributions to nurturing art and community engagement.

Our conversation kicks off with a discussion on the intersection of art galleries, community outreach, and establishing crucial business connections. Explore the multifaceted role of public art galleries and their impact on the local community through thought-provoking exhibitions.

At the heart of the conversation is the exciting prospect of a new art gallery in Vernon, BC. Discover the challenges and opportunities associated with securing funding and choosing the perfect location for this cultural hub.

We shift our focus to the unique dynamics of community engagement and arts advocacy in a small town. Uncover the strategies and initiatives that nurture a thriving artistic community in the heart of Vernon, BC.

In a poignant segment, we explore the transformative power of art in addressing mental health. Learn about a compelling mental health art project "Behind The Mask" and the profound impact it had on both individuals and the community. Uncover how these elements intertwine to create a supportive environment that fosters creativity and well-being.

Our discussion takes a turn towards accessibility, emphasizing the importance of making art galleries welcoming to all. Explore the initiatives aimed at enhancing accessibility and fostering broader community engagement in the world of art.

Learn about the intricate process of planning art events and the strategic approach to fundraising in Vernon, BC. Discover the behind-the-scenes efforts that contribute to the success of cultural events in the community. Uncover the innovative aspects of pop-up galleries and the thoughtful design considerations for the new arts and culture facility. Explore how these dynamic approaches contribute to the evolving cultural landscape of Vernon, BC.

Shift gears to a broader perspective as we explore life in Vernon, BC. From outdoor activities to the rich tapestry of arts and culture, gain insights into what makes this community a special place to live and thrive.

Our conversation concludes by underlining the integral role of arts and culture in creating a vibrant and healthy community. Reflect on the lasting impact of artistic endeavors and the continuous evolution of Vernon, BC, as a cultural hub.

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Creators and Guests

Heath Fletcher
Heath Fletcher
Co-founder, CMO & Producer at Sproing Creative
Dauna Kennedy
Dauna Kennedy
Executive Director of the Vernon Public Art Gallery
Episode 2 - Exploring Art, Community, and Culture in Vernon, BC
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